I’m on Fire!

This is a networked multiplayer party game for 3-12 players based loosely on the old Tron Light Cycles game.

The game is played as a series of rounds in a size-limited arena. In each round, one player starts on fire and will leave a wall of flame behind them wherever they run. After a certain amount of time has elapsed they will eventually die.

If an on fire player collides with another player, or a player that is not on fire touches the wall of flame left behind by an on fire player, then they too will catch fire. They will be on fire for a limited time until they too die.

Players who are not on fire are awarded more points the longer they can stay alive without catching fire. Players who are on fire are awarded points for setting other players on fire.

The game is currently in development. I’ll let you know as soon as a Beta version is ready for public testing!

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