In an idyllic park setting.

Music Visualisation Experience


The Concept

The idea is to spend time in an apparently normal environment, yet to experience music in a way you would not normally experience it. The music triggers and drives a range of features in the scene.

It’s an experience tailored for virtual reality, although it’s quite nice on a normal flat-screen too. I think it encapsulates the concepts that make virtual reality exciting – close enough to reality that it feels kind of real, yet you experience things that you would never experience in real life.

Also you get to listen to my kickin’ rad music. You can also play your own music files, provided they’re in OGG or WAV format (blame Unity for the lack of MP3 support).


Latest version (v2) released 26th of January 2015.

Read the release notes.

Download the latest experience here if you’re on Windows.
Or here if you’re on Mac OSX.

You can download old versions here.


Birds are the major new addition.
Birds are the major new addition in v2.
Music-driven excitement.
Music-driven excitement.
In an idyllic park setting.
In an idyllic park setting.

The Music

If you happen to like the music and want to listen to it elsewhere, it’s all up on my soundcloud.

Oculus Rift

To enable Oculus Rift mode, start up the game and go Settings->Virtual Reality, it’ll remember your settings in the future.

Press F5 to re-position the camera once you’re in a comfortable seated position.

Hardware Specifications

For reference, I am using an i5 processor and a GTX 970 and I can run it smoothly on maximum settings in normal mode. In Rift mode I can only run it on “Good” settings before it starts to get uncomfortable.

The graphics and environment detail is quite customisable, so you should be able to get it to run smoothly on your system by tweaking settings, but for a good Rift experience you will need decent hardware.

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