Leap Avatar Hands in action with the Oculus Rift.

Using Leap Avatar Hands with Oculus Rift (OLD)

Note: This set of instructions relates to the old Oculus OVR package, and does not directly work with the new Unity Native VR feature.

How it should look when you’ve got it right.

Using my Leap Avatar Hands controller with the Oculus Rift DK2 is quite easy. Leap have provided examples of how to use the Leap motion with the Oculus Rift as part of their LeapMotion+OVR package. Using my controller works the same way as theirs.

Essentially you need to do only a few things:

  1. Add an Oculus OVR Camera Rig from the Oculus provided Unity 4 Integration package onto your avatar, just in front of their eyes.
  2. Drag the LeapHandController GameObject I provided onto the Oculus Camera Rig’s CenterEyeAnchor transform.
  3. Set its position to 0,0,0
  4. Set its rotation to 270,180,0 (this mimics the physical orientation that the Leap Motion device will have when it’s attached to the front of your Oculus Rift headset).
  5. Set the “Is Head Mounted” flag to true in the IKLeap Hand Controller component.
  6. Move the LeapHandController object along the z-axis so that it is a little ways in front of the camera rig object. Tweak this location to suit.

When you’re done it’ll look like the screenshot provided above.

Leap Avatar Hands in action with the Oculus Rift.
Leap Avatar Hands in action with the Oculus Rift.


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