Progress Update 15 Minutes [1]

A little while back I wrote about how I planned to take over the world by creating a game, tentatively called “15 Minutes”. I also posted something of some design documents. I even detailed which Unity Asset Store assets I would purchase to help me create this game.

The plan was to get a good chunk of work done over the Easter break, now that the Easter break is over, I figure I should report on my progress! The good news is that I have made progress, the bad news is that it was a lot less than I would have liked.


As 100% of you probably predicted, there were some setbacks. Since I wrote up my plan a few things happened that cut into my development time in fairly significant ways.

Wisdom teeth

Doctors reliably informed me that I was too wise. One of my wisdom teeth was actually growing backwards in an attempt to correct this fault, but it wasn’t working. Another one was just impacted like a normal wisdom tooth. Surgery was required.

Who is this handsome fat faced devil!?
Who is this handsome fat-faced devil!?

This knocked me out of action for about a week. It was either pain or painkillers, and either option made coding really difficult.

It was a bit of a mixed blessing though. When I did start to feel better I got a few hours work in here and there, whereas if I was 100% I would’ve just gone back to work.

House buying antics

About this time we fell in love with a house that was going up for auction on the 28th of March. Turns out there’s a ton of work involved in buying a house at auction, at least here in Tasmania. I spent way too much time at open homes, contacting building inspectors, reviewing contracts of sale, talking to the council, talking to the banks and mortgage brokers, real estate agents, etc.

Among the best features of this house was the fact it’s 5 minutes from work, and it’s one of about 15 houses in Australia that is already connected to the fixed-fibre National Broadband Network.

This would’ve made it awesome for my indie dev activities.

Such NBN. So sad.
Such NBN. So sad.

Unfortunately, although we won the auction we never met the reserve price. Even a strong follow-up offer was too low. Turns out we couldn’t quite pay what the vendor wanted. Complete waste of time and energy.

Childcare plagues

My partner, Vanessa, recently returned to work 1 day a week, putting our almost 1 year old baby Eva into childcare for that day. Consequently she now brings home a new disease every week. I then catch this disease and then recover from it just in time for her to bring a new one home a week later.

Not my baby, but you get the idea.
Not my baby, but you get the idea.


Despite all this, some progress has been made.

I’ve implemented a Diablo style character control system, and the framework of the enemy AI system and combat system. It’s all a bit clunky still, but it works. Just needs polish.

A mushroom attacks!
A mushroom attacks!
A range of weapons can be equipped.
A fireball shooting fairy.


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