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Server Mania Affiliation

Frequent readers of my blog (all 5 of you) will know that I recently stopped using Google AdSense, because it was completely pointless. This lead me to look at alternative ways of offsetting the (admittedly quite low) costs of running this website.

In a serendipitous event, I was emailed by my hosting provider, Server Mania. They¬†said they were running a linkshare affiliation program where you host links to their products, and whenever one of those links turns into a sale, you receive 80% of the first month’s sale as commission.

LinkShare UK Referral Program
This is the affiliate program they operate through.

Since my blog targets indie game developers I imagine there’s quite a few of you out there who want to get good, affordable web servers. So I figured this might be a good fit. Doesn’t hurt to try.

As for my own experience with Server Mania. The price is generally lowest in the industry, the support is insanely good with average support ticket response times being less than 15 minutes, and the product is great. They provide well specced VPS’s, dedicated servers, scalable cloud hosting, and more.

So, if you’re in the market for a web server, consider signing up for hosting using one of the links on this website. If you make a big order you’ll single-handedly pay for my entire year’s hosting costs.





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