Why I no longer use Google AdSense

When I started this website I signed up for Google AdSense. Chuck a couple of unobtrusive ads on the page. One on the sidebar, one at the footer. Nothing sinister. Might help cover hosting costs, right?

As it turns out though, nobody who visits my website is stupid enough to click on them. My total AdSense “earnings” since January are still less than a dollar.¬†They don’t even pay out until you get $150.

Total AdSense earnings over a 3 month period.
Total AdSense earnings over a 3 month period.

The daily click-through rates reveal why the return is so poor. Problem 1 – not very much traffic. Problem 2 – nobody clicks on ads.

Daily AdSense data.
Daily AdSense data.

Projections are that I will never make $150 from AdSense ads on this website, thus I will make zero dollars from AdSense.

In hindsight this should be no surprise – I’m targeting a highly tech savvy computer scientist audience who has long since become immune to internet advertising, either through the use of ad blocking plugins or sheer indifference. I don’t click on ads, so why would I expect my audience to?

So I might as well not have them. Good riddance if you ask me.


Thinking about putting AdSense ads on your website?

Don’t bother unless you have a way larger readership than I do, or a much more gullible one. Preferably both.

I am now trialling a linkshare affiliation program with Server Mania.

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